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Week Ending 11/30/2014


Perspective: Incision revision

'Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), a form of cancer that begins in the liver, is the second-most-common cause of cancer-related death around the world. HCC is nearly always the result of an underlying chronic liver disease, usually viral hepatitis, and the choice and outcome of treatment depend on both the extent of the tumour and the overall condition of the liver.'


Math shows that treating AIDS and hepatitis C simultaneously is more effective

'A Spanish researcher has collaborated on a mathematical analysis, recently published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, which concludes that joint therapy to counter HIV in patients who also have hepatitis C increases the chance of success in the fight against both infections. Between eight and nine million people worldwide simultaneously suffer from AIDS and hepatitis C.'


FDA Letter Stalls Bristol-Myers Squibb's Hepatitis C Drug Application

'The US Food and Drug Administration recently rejected a bid by Bristol-Myers Squibb to win regulatory approval for its hepatitis C drug daclatasvir, pending further information requested in a Complete Response Letter issued by the agency.'

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