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Bruce Burkett, Executive Director, Founded Missouri Hepatitis C Alliance (MoHepC) in 1999. Originally an all volunteer organization, MoHepC collaborates with 12 treatment centers to educate, expedite testing and assist with access to medical care for persons affected. In 2014 we changed the name to HepC Alliance to reflect the national approach  we offer.

Our Mission:  HepC Alliance is a community focused nonprofit organization with a mission to create awareness through providing education, testing and support for the detection, prevention and treatment of hepatitis C.

HepC Alliance partners on both a state and national level with agencies such as the Missouri State Department of Health, 68 MO County Health Departments, Phoenix Programs, Preferred Family Healthcare,  the American Liver Foundation, the National Center for Disease Control, the National Viral Hepatitis Round table, the National Hepatitis C Advisory Board, and the Hepatitis C Appropriations Partnerships. Bruce served as the past President of the National Hepatitis C Advocacy Council, and is also a member of both the National Viral Hepatitis Round table, the Hepatitis C Appropriations Partnerships as well as the Hepatitis C Fair Pricing Coalition.
HepC Alliance was founded in 1999 as a non-profit organization, 501 c(3), providing support and education to the Mid-Missouri public. From 1999 until April 2005, HepC Alliance was an all- volunteer organization.  HepC Alliance started with one support group, which grew to five groups over several years.
Testing for hepatitis C continued to provide successful results in finding new cases of hepatitis C. In 2005 the organization tested 351 people and found 107 new positives. In 2006, 986 people were tested finding 215 HCV positives. In 2007, 1335 people were tested and found 326 people were positive for hepatitis C virus. This revealed a positive rate of 24%. Out of the total 648 people who tested positive, the organization and it's collaborators were able to provide treatment assistance for 188 uninsured patients. In 2013 we  tested 2,900 people finding 450 positive for the hepatitis C Virus. In 2017 we tested over 2700 people and found close to 600 positives.

In 2016 we expanded our service area to include SE Kansas and  South Texas. We continue to grow!

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