HCV News Week Ending 06/15/2015

C's hidden dangers -- a personal perspective: Navin Vij (Opinion)

'As a
physician, I have often found myself struggling with the concept of why
some things happen to certain patients and not to others. When trying
to find answers to such questions, I have often turned to the words of
my mother: "Everything happens for a reason. The challenge in good and
bad is to find out why." Anyone who has been a patient has struggled
with this idea.' 


rate of Hepatitis C TRIPLES in Appalachia

'The deadly
increase in the popularity of intravenous narcotics is being blamed for
a surge in the rate of Hepatitis C in Appalachia. Hepatitis C infection
rates have tripled in four Appalachian states, according to a report by
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.'


C and End Stage Renal Disease

'Hepatitis C
is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in patients with end stage
renal disease and kidney transplant candidates. The prevalence of
positive HCV antibody in patients on hemodialysis ranges from 5% to 60%
in developed countries, depending on other risk factors. The spread of
HCV in dialysis centers is declining, but hemodialysis remains a risk
factor for viral hepatitis and is included in the CDC screening
guidelines as a risk factor that warrants HCV screening.'


Coulter Gets CE Mark for HCV, HIV-1 MDx Tests

Coulter said yesterday that it has garnered CE marking for its DxN
Veris HCV and DxN Veris HIV-1 assays, quantitative tests for hepatitis
C virus RNA and HIV-1 RNA viral load, respectively, in human plasma.
The DxN Veris HCV assay detects HCV genotypes one to six, and is
calibrated to the fourth World Health Organization International
Standard for HCV.'


Hepatitis C Would Result In Major Economic Benefit, According To Study

'The novel
development of safer, more effective oral medications to address
hepatitis C has led to breakthrough therapies that cost patients tens
of thousands of dollars for a 12-week regimen, however, investing in
these therapies could also save over $3.2 billion each year in the
United States and five European countries.'

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