Monthly Archives: June 2015

HCV News Week EndingĀ 06/15/2015

Hepatitis C's hidden dangers -- a personal perspective: Navin Vij (Opinion) 'As a physician, I have often found myself struggling with the concept of why some things happen to certain patients and not to others. When trying to find answers to such questions, I have often turned to the words of my mother: "Everything happens…
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HCV News Weekending June 8, 2015

HCV News Week Ending 06/08/2015 Woman sues Anthem Blue Cross for denying hepatitis C drug Harvoni 'The virus could win. It wants to do to Shima Andre what it already has done to so many thousands of people worldwide: Drain her of energy. Change the color of her skin. Make her panic when she feels…
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HCV News Week of 6-1-15

HCV News Week Ending 06/01/2015 Climbing for Carleen: One family's mission to change the way people think about hepatitis C 'In 2011, Carleen and James McGuffey had just moved to Colorado Springs from Texas when they found out Carleen was pregnant with the couple's sixth child. They were ecstatic. But it wasn't long after that…
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