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A simple blood test to determine if you have been exposed to hepatitis C. This test may cost up to $129. HepC Alliance will provide this test for $30.00. on-line or by using our free testing sites. If your Hepatitis C Antibody test result is “reactive” (positive), a second blood test is needed to find out if you currently have the hepatitis C virus in your blood and if so, which strain (or genotype) you have.


There are two tests to follow up and confirm active infection. Depending what lab company you go to the cost for a follow-up test (which is called “Hepatitis C RNA by PCR”) may range from $240 to more than $525. The second test is a genotype, or subtype of HCV. This test may range from $500 to $700. HepC Alliance charges $100.00 for the PCR and $130.00 for the Genotype The Hep C Alliance will provide both of these tests for $230.00  A doctor’s order for lab testing is included in the price of the test. You do not need a separate doctor visit.

as 1-2-3:

1.Call toll-free and speak with a counselor at 1-866-434-1975 to learn about hepatitis C and testing 

2. Visit one of our 77 Reduced Cost testing centers or, Order and pay for your test online, you will then be directed to a local Testing Center. They will have your order and will collect the test.

3. Get a discreet phone call when your test result arrives or call 1-866-434-1975 for your test result

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